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ALICANTE  / MURCIA. This is a good alternative if you want to compete or train in the Murcia province for a couple of days.



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We offer a package deal at our camps.

-Training maps: all you need, 1-3 training maps per day included.

·We offer organized training courses with SPORTIDENT , for all ages and different knowledge levels ( In Alicante February and in Madrid once a week)

·       Accommodation in bungalows, or at 2-4 star hotels.

·       Around 20-25  trainings in Alicante and Madrid, and 6-7 in Cuenca and Soria, with controls/ribbons  put out.

·      New maps, new areas and fully revised maps offered every year.

·       Maps printed in competition standards

·       Night orienteering controls put out on about 4 courses in Alicante and in Madrid

·       We can print special training sessions for groups on request

The flight is not included but we can help you to book if you like!

We are not including competitions. Now there are easy ways of individual registrations through, for example, Orienteering online (ask us for advice)

Cancelling cost

1 week prior to arrival: 10% of cost for booked services. (Accommodation, Car rental, Food, Trainings, maps)

3 days prior to arrival: 25%

1 day prior to arrival: 50%


We remind you that o-travel cannot be kept responsible for accidents/incidents during your travel- or orienteering activities. This package does not include insurance; please acquire it in your home country if you deem it necessary