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o-travel  SPAIN AND SWEDEN 2024

Välkomna på orientering i Spanien och Sverige!
Vi arrangerar träningsresor i fyra regioner i Spanien och i Tiveden i Sverige. Alla nivåer är välkomna.
Vi ordnar boende och träningar, även SportIdent-träningar.

Welcome to orienteering in Spain and Sweden!
We arrange training camps in four regions in Spain and in Tiveden in Sweden. All levels are welcome. We arrange housing, trainings, also SportIdent-trainings.

Några nyheter för säsongen 2024:

Ny karta Guardamar sur, Flera träningscuper (jul- och veteran), ski-erg maskin på La Marina, världscupkarta Coto de Las Maravillas åter tillgänglig, ny karta i Tiveden, vi säljer kartor.

News for the season 2024:

New map in Guardamar sur, yearly training cups (Christmas- and Veteran), ski-erg machine at La Marina, World Cup map Coto de Las Maravillas available for training, new map Tiveden, Sweden, we now sell maps.

Included in o-travel Camp Alicante package

- Accommodation at La Marina with the meal plan of your choice. Bungalows with air condition, central heating. Bed linen and towels included.
- Gym at top world class for athletes. The gym is spacious and is open every day.
- SPA and swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi. The SPA is included twice (2 times) for every participant, regardless of length of stay. Additional visits to the SPA 8 euros per visit. 
- o-travel Cup (Veteran Cup, Christmas Cup)             
- All the trainings you need for your stay on up-to-date maps.
There are 34 trainings in the area this season. Night orienteering controls on 4 courses. Also inland / mountain maps and sprint maps.
- SportIdent trainings. We regularly organize SportIdent trainings in the famous Guardamar forests. Presently, we offer 3 Training Cups per year. In February, there are 2 SportIdent trainings per week. All SportIdent trainings (including training Cups) are included in the package.

See Bulletins for more information: o-travel PACKAGE ENTRY FORM


In 2024, we also offer a map package: your selection of our maps:

1-3 maps: 7 euros per map

4 and more maps: 6 euros per map

Map order for Alicante: o-travel MAPS ONLY ORDER

*************************************************************************************************************************************************SportIdent-races at our camps are included in our accommodation package. Otherwise 10 Euros (runner from international club), 5 Euros (Spanish club runner). We sponsor Spanish orienteering.

OUR updated BULLETINS FOR 2024

Including the complete list of trainings in Alicante.


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o-travel Camp Alicante Bulletin 3


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See pictures below from Camp Cuenca:

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Camp Madrid

New map Peguerinos, MADRID

The famous maps of Guardamar, ALICANTE

During this last year we have invested time and resources in new mapping in both Alicante and Madrid. Welcome to visit!

 The locations of all the o-travel-trainings, accommodations and more: o-travel Google Maps.

Camp Alicante, inland maps. The map from The World Cup 2014.

Alicante. Old historic city sprints!



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