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Välkomna till orientering i Tiveden i sommar!

Welcome to orienteering in Tiveden Sweden this summer!

15 juli och 17 juli Tivedsmedeln.

Länk till eventor / information and entries:

15 juli: https://eventor.orientering.se/Events/Show/36111

17 juli: https://eventor.orientering.se/Events/Show/36112

SPAIN 2022-2023

Last season was successfull with about 400 visitors to our Camp Alicante at La Marina Resort.
Next season we are planning to open the Alicante, Cuenca, and Madrid camps already in October 2022. 

In this bulletin, you can see how we organized the camp the  season 2021-2022. It will be very similar next season.
We welcome your questions!


We are glad to annonce that we finally can open our camps in Alicante and Madrid again. During this last year we have invested time and resources in new mapping in both Alicante and Madrid. Welcome to visit!245559645_199812432281814_3728462726039373936_njpgScreenshot_30jpg

SPAIN has an incredible variety of terrains and trainings! Many still unknown to runners from other countries.

o-travelgooglemapsjpg Here you can see where all the trainings, accommodations and more are situated. o-travel camps all over, on o-travel Google Maps.

Camp Alicante, Inland maps. The map from The World Cup 2014.Coto maravillasjpg

Alicante. Very nice old historic city sprints! Sprint in historical old townsjpg


                                          maps and courses by 

OCAD_Logo 002png


Camp Madrid

New map Peguerinos, MADRID

The famous maps of Guardamar, ALICANTE


We offer a package deal at our camps. 

  • We  offer organized training courses with SPORTIDENT  for all ages and different knowledge levels (In Alicante in February and in Madrid in March)
  • Accommodation in bungalows, or at hotels (3 or 4 star hotels)
  • Around 20-35 trainings at every place, with controls, put out.
  • A combination of new areas and fully revised maps, every year.
  • Maps printed in competition standards
  • Night orienteering,  in Alicante and  in Madrid
  • We can print special training sessions for groups on request

 We are not including competitions. Now there are easy ways of individual registrations through, for example, Orienteering online (ask us for advice)

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