o-travel Madrid, the camp with the most varied terrain in the whole of Europe.


Located 200 meters from the hotel “Toros de Guisando”, cost 20 euros per session of 30 minutes (Including different extra treatments)



Sport Nutritionist, and also elite orienteer, Emma Martner from Sweden. Emma is our adviser on sports nutrition, helping that the menu of the hotel Toros de Guisando being adapted to athletes



Gym located 200 m. from the hotel Toros de Guisando, cost 5 euros per session. JACCUZZI, SAUNA & POOL in San Martin de Valdeiglesias (10km)


24 large double – triple rooms with A/C . Free WIFI. Meals to go. Cafetería. Game room. Restaurant. Free parking, right outside the hotel.


Mountain bikes available (20 euros per day) Book and pay directly at the hotel


There are flights to Madrid from many airports in Scandinavia. Try www.skyscanner.com and Ryan Air

Standard model: Ford Focus Estate or similar, large space for luggage.


With 4 teams in La Liga there is always a match every weekend. This year: Leganés, Getafe, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. The matches are very seldom sold out (unless Barcelona or Real Madrid being the visiting team).

Madrid is a city with 4 million habitants and offers “everything” for a tourist. Also other places like the city of Ávila.


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Martin Kronlund, Sweden, was the first introducer of orienteering in Spain. He lived here from 1962 until he passed away in 2007, 91 years old. The place in Spain that he loved the most, he always said, was the Peguerinos forests; “They remain me so much of Sweden”
His ashes are dispersed in the Peguerinos forests.

A total of approximately 400 controls on 25-30 trainings in up-to-date maps, including the legendary maps of Peguerinos.

Most of these maps are unknown to foreign orienteers!

Sportident trainings once a week.

This year we have about 10 more new forest and old city sprint maps.

Night trainings, perfect camps for 10-mila! We will also offer maps and courses at 1:5000 to suit veterans. Courses offered for any level of knowledge.

The altitude of most of the maps are about 200 meters lower than many of the other maps from further up north in Madrid,which means we are below the snow risk altitude and we can welcome orienteers to Madrid already from January!

There have been about 20 new maps made over the last 3 years!


We offer 10 fantastic sprint maps, so you can come on a specialized Sprint Camp if you wish


Our Camp Area in Madrid. It is located around El Tiemblo and San Martin de Valdeiglesias.

Hotel 3 Star. ”Toros de Guisando” en Tiemblo. Very fast access to the main road. Less than one (1) minute away. Distance to the Madrid International Airport Barajas: 101km.


A comment from Booking.com:

”The location, helpful and friendly staff, very clean and spacious rooms. Altogether a wonderful hotel, would recommend this hotel to anyone”

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