About o-travel

We have been organizing Training Camps in Spain, Portugal and France since 2001. The founder Per Emion, has been living in Spain, and been working with orienteering, in various projects since 1997. First working as a Teacher of Physical Education for 5 years, and after that as a trainer and with training camps in different sports, mainly orienteering, as well as other cultural and educational trips to Spain.He was also the main coach for the Spanish National team between 2004 and 2008.

Our hope and conviction is to offer every level of o-runner the best possible camp, including challenging and beautiful terrains. “orientabonito trainings”   

Our training philosophy is based on short technical courses, in order to keep you fit for high speed orienteering throughout the whole stay.

We, in o-travel, have all the right contacts for accommodation, car rental and for maps. We are collaborating with regional federations and local clubs all over Spain, and in the famous Marinha Grande Area in Portugal, and the equally famous areas of Clermont Ferrand and Millau/Le Caylar in France
This means that we are sure to organize the best possible trip for you.

We do also organize training camps in Sweden. Our main area is located around the famous terrains of the World Championships in 1989. Also, every year, the week prior to Oringen we are organizing training camp in Sweden.
Sharing some comments from Thierry Gueorgiou:
“I have been in Spain almost every winter since 1998 and thanks to o-travel I have visited most of the best places in Spain and Portugal. I have always considered these training camps as the starting point of my seasons. After long and basics trainings, I was really waiting the fast and technical terrains of the Iberia peninsula under the famous Spanish sun. I still consider that there are no better places to break the winter routine and enjoy some high speed trainings on good maps. Alicante, Madrid, Barbate, and Malaga are places that remember me my best trainings camps and the groundwork of my last year’s performances. To be honest, a part of my medals at the World championships belongs to Per and his always perfect training camps.” Thierry Gueorgiou